Small Family Cows for sale : Miniature Jerseys, Percentage miniature jerseys & small Dual purpose Dairy/Beef Crosses


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       Available Livestock Terms

  •       Any livestock available at this time will be listed on this page.  We do have a ‘ call list ‘ of interested parties who wish to be notified in advance of advertising for any future offerings. Please notify us if you wish to be placed on the list of people to be notified for first option of purchase prior to advertising for a specific animal type. 
  • We are located in the town of Dorchester, SC 29437. Please do not message me asking how far we are from your town/state.  I’m sure I wouldn’t know.  Use Mapquest and the above address info to determine distance.
  • There is a deposit  required to hold any livestock for any interested parties.  That deposit is non-refundable as once you send us a deposit, we no longer consider sale to any other interested party.  deposits vary from 1/3 to 1/2 the total price of the animal depending on the type of animal being purchased .  You may pay your non-refundable deposit via mailed check . Please be aware that until deposits are received, the animal in question remains available. 
  • We maintain  intense biosecurity .  For that reason, we do not invite anyone out to view available livestock that we do not believe to be seriously interested and appropriate buyers.
  • We NO LONGER DO SPECIALTY TESTING FOR POTENTIAL BUYERS ( A1/A2, disease or pathogen testing above what is required for travel to a buyer’s state, etc..) without payment in advance . These funds are non-refundable regardless of results or conclusion of sale 
  • we live in a TB and Brucellosis free state.                                      
  • Our contact information is available on the site.
  • We DO NOT buy livestock from auctions or sales barns ! EVER !  We maintain a select , closed herd and only purchase additions from licensed and tightly run and tested , reputable farms.
  • Once you accept delivery of your animal I cannot be responsible for illnesses or injury occurring as a result of travel. 
  • TRAVEL OUT OF STATE:Your animal will be examined by our vet prior to leaving and you will be provided with a certificate of health when required for travel, so please understand that because of incidences that are out of our control such as ‘ shipping fever’ and/or exposure to other animals, we cannot be held responsible for incidence that occur once they leave us.




Out of area Sales suspended until Fall due to record high temperatures and unsafe traveling conditions.

                                         Little T



Black Baldie Standard ( Hereford X Angus ) X FP Miniature Jersey

Little Toni is a beautiful dual-purpose hybrid.  Her well muscled form is full of hybrid vigor and excellent genetics.  She carries the heavy production genes of her superior miniature Jersey sire and the divine beef genetics of her Angus/Hereford dam.

I expect Little Toni to be upper mid mini at maturity.


Dam raised for 6 months



                * Local sales only until Fall *




Flossie is 1/4 miniature Highland, 1/4 Dexter and 1/2 miniature Jersey

Out of Frey and Ace, she is a fuzzy blondie with lots of personality !  She is just weaned at 4 months. ( 7/19)  I expect considering her current stature she will top out at around 44-46 inches.  Possibly with the frame of a small stature standard despite her nearly 100% miniature genetics.  It is apparent that some of her Scottish Highland lines have influenced her with standard size features.

Flossie will be an ideal candidate for a grass fed dual purpose family cow.  Her dam maintains weight well on pasture and hay with a bit of grain in the stanchion.  I milk her dam regularly and she is a fine producer of rich milk in impressive quantity despite her beefy genetics.     The Scottish Highland is used as a dual purpose family cow in their native country, providing milk for the family and beefy calves to be raised for the family table. Flossie also has superior dairy genetics through her sire, a foundation pure miniature Jersey and would therefore be an excellent provider of sufficient milk for a family.  Her asking price will go up as she matures.

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