Small Family Cows for sale : Jerseys, Percentage minis & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows


Announcement for clarity of our mission: PLEASE READ BEFORE MESSAGING

I have received multiple messages lately from folks seeking a ‘ small mini bovine ‘ and those seeking an ‘ A2’ cow or heifer.

For the record, although we do own several small miniatures, we do not generally offer them to the public; the majority of the smaller minis are retained by us for building our herd or are sold to well known associates who speak for them in advance of their birth.

Our primary focus is to offer a small family cow as indicated by our name of page. We do not seek to offer straight miniatures and are very clear in that most of our registered minis of any kind, Jersey, beef or dual purpose, will likely fall into the mid- to upper mid mini category because most of the herd do have some standard influence.

An example of typical occurrence is Blossom, a miniature Jersey who recently sold. Blossom has an influence of standard in her lines and I made it clear to her buyer that although she remained small all the way to breeding age of 16 months, I could not promise that she would not have a growth spurt between 2 and 3 years of age wherein she reaches small stature standard height. Some do. Some don’t and remain small. There is no way to predict genetic behavior in a mixed herd like mine unless you are breeding a foundation pure miniature to a foundation pure miniature and we just simply don’t generally part with those calves.

This is why registries wait to impart permanent registrations until a ‘ miniature’ cow is 3 years old. They can be small from birth and surge in growth that last year of maturing.

We do offer small cows in superior health and condition at a reasonable price for the family, but if it is a miniature under 40 inches you seek, you will likely not find it here. When we have those, outside of bulls, we keep or offer them to well known farms.

As to A2, I have no collaborative evidence or study by an acknowledged or accredited entity to lend any support for the A2 theory, in fact I have seen only the opposite; the A2 theories have been debunked by 3 countries in independent studies. Until there is scientific evidence of the benefit of an A2 cow, I will not even humor the fad by testing–even at request. If people come around to the current knowledge that it was started by a random notion and is neither proven nor replicated in studies, my name and conscience will therefore be clear. If it is found to be legitimate, there is still no mud on my face and the only thing I have to regret is that I didn’t charge my buyer 5k for an A2 cow which I likely would refrain from anyhow . 🙂

  Delivery within reasonable distances possible for a fee to cover time and expenses.

Please feel free to call or text for further info or to discuss terms. 843 814 1101

       Available Livestock Terms

  • We are located in the town of Dorchester, SC 29437. Please do not message me asking how far we are from your town/state.  I’m sure I wouldn’t know.  Use Mapquest and the above address info to determine distance.
  • There is a deposit  required to hold any livestock for any interested parties.  That deposit is non-refundable as once you send us a deposit, we no longer consider sale to any other interested party.  deposits vary from 1/3 to 1/2 the total price of the animal depending on the type of animal being purchased .  You may pay your non-refundable deposit via mailed check . Please be aware that until deposits are received, the animal in question remains available. 
  • We maintain  intense biosecurity .  For that reason, we do not invite anyone out to view available livestock that we do not believe to be seriously interested and appropriate buyers.
  • We NO LONGER DO SPECIALTY TESTING FOR POTENTIAL BUYERS ( A1/A2, disease or pathogen testing above what is required for travel to a buyer’s state, etc..) without payment in advance . These funds are non-refundable regardless of results or conclusion of sale 
  • we live in a TB and Brucellosis free state.                                      
  • Our contact information is available on the site.
  • We DO NOT buy livestock from auctions or sales barns ! EVER !  We maintain a select , closed herd and only purchase additions from licensed and tightly run and tested , reputable farms.
  • Once you accept delivery of your animal I cannot be responsible for illnesses or injury occurring as a result of travel. 
  • TRAVEL OUT OF STATE:Your animal will be examined by our vet prior to leaving and you will be provided with a certificate of health when required for travel, so please understand that because of incidences that are out of our control such as ‘ shipping fever’ and/or exposure to other animals, we cannot be held responsible for incidence that occur once they leave us.




Persons interested in any of our available bovines should call the number provided below. I do not have in depth discussion through email and I do not agree to a sale without a conversation.

Tammy Marr 843 814 1101

Also find us on FB to keep up with our farm and potential future offerings :

Small Family Cow at Spiritgrove Farm

SCOUT Brown Swiss x mini Jersey heifer.


Call or message for future availability.

Scout looks like a miniature Swiss ! There is no such thing as a miniature Swiss, but that is the appearance she has .

Scout is 50% Mini jersey / 50% Brown Swiss. Both Sire and dam hail from high production lines. Scout is a calm, even tempered, sometimes goofy girl who maintains her weight very well on hay and pasture. She can be handled but is not a ‘ pet’. Both Sire and Dam are registered. Scout is being offered as unregistered due to her dairy cross status, but registration with AMJAR as a dairy cross is possible if desired for a fee.

Scout will likely be upper mid mini to small stature standard at maturity. All the benefits of the Swiss without the imposing size.


50% Miniature Jersey / 50% Standard Jersey

Trained Family cow

Bred for March / April 2021 Calf


Amore’ is available as a small family cow.

DOB : 12/5/17

Amore’ is just into the height for small stature standard at 47.5 inches at the hip bone. She is 50% mini Jersey / 50% standard Jersey. She weighs about 550 lbs. She is bred for her second calf.

Amore’ produced a beautiful heifer calf for her first calving which was tragically killed by a fallen tree during a storm. The calf was lovely and thrifty.

Not a heavy producer but plenty for the family at 1.5 approx. gallons per milking. She can be taken to once daily routine.

She is trained to the stanchion and can be milked by hand or machine.

Amore’ is currently dry.

Amore’ is very sweet. A pet who nuzzles and follows. She responds well to direction and is compliant.

Amore’s demeanor and personality is such that she is a good candidate as a single family cow.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is scroll.jpg


50% Miniature Jersey / 50% Standard Jersey painted small yearling heifer


Check in or message for future availability

Poppy with 6 month old percentage mini Jersey calf for size reference at 14 months.

Poppy is a bottle raised percentage mini who remains quite small at 20 months. She is the same size as our standard 6 month old calves.

Poppy is very mild and sweet. She is a pet who craves attention. She can be bullied by larger or more aggressive cows making her one of the few bovines I would offer as a single family cow. She will walk away if pushed off hay or feed and not lobby for position in a herd or at a trough or hay ring, so special consideration of her placement must be undertaken.

Poppy hails from a local production dairy, having been purchased from our friend there as a 48 hour old calf due to her diminutive size. Her dam is a standard high producing Jersey and her sire is a mini Jersey from well respected bloodlines.

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