Small Family Cows for sale : Miniature Jerseys, Percentage miniature jerseys & small Dual purpose Dairy/Beef Crosses


We have decided to offer a couple of our remaining heifers that will not fit our breeding schedule next year. See below.

       Available Livestock Terms

  •       Any livestock available at this time will be listed on this page.  We do have a ‘ call list ‘ of interested parties who wish to be notified in advance of advertising for any future offerings. Please notify us if you wish to be placed on the list of people to be notified for first option of purchase prior to advertising for a specific animal type. 
  • We are located in the town of Dorchester, SC 29437. Please do not message me asking how far we are from your town/state.  I’m sure I wouldn’t know.  Use Mapquest and the above address info to determine distance.
  • There is a deposit  required to hold any livestock for any interested parties.  That deposit is non-refundable as once you send us a deposit, we no longer consider sale to any other interested party.  deposits vary from 1/3 to 1/2 the total price of the animal depending on the type of animal being purchased .  You may pay your non-refundable deposit via mailed check . Please be aware that until deposits are received, the animal in question remains available. 
  • We maintain  intense biosecurity .  For that reason, we do not invite anyone out to view available livestock that we do not believe to be seriously interested and appropriate buyers.
  • We NO LONGER DO SPECIALTY TESTING FOR POTENTIAL BUYERS ( A1/A2, disease or pathogen testing above what is required for travel to a buyer’s state, etc..) without payment in advance . These funds are non-refundable regardless of results or conclusion of sale 
  • we live in a TB and Brucellosis free state.                                      
  • Our contact information is available on the site.
  • We DO NOT buy livestock from auctions or sales barns ! EVER !  We maintain a select , closed herd and only purchase additions from licensed and tightly run and tested , reputable farms.
  • Once you accept delivery of your animal I cannot be responsible for illnesses or injury occurring as a result of travel. 
  • TRAVEL OUT OF STATE:Your animal will be examined by our vet prior to leaving and you will be provided with a certificate of health when required for travel, so please understand that because of incidences that are out of our control such as ‘ shipping fever’ and/or exposure to other animals, we cannot be held responsible for incidence that occur once they leave us.




Should you wish to be put on our wait/call list, please call to discuss exactly what you desire in a bovine and I will be happy to notify should one become available which suits your needs.

Tammy Marr 843 814 1101

Also find us on FB to keep up with our farm and potential future offerings :

Small Family Cow at Spiritgrove Farm

Available now

Flossie: Mini Highland/dexter X mini Jersey

( Freyja x Ace)

Dual purpose heifer: see our articles on the dual purpose cow:

Flossie is expected to finish out at mid mini height and I expect she will not be frail in build but ‘ short stocky’ like her dam, Freyja. DOB 3/18/19.  She was dam raised for 5 months and is just weaning.  She does well on hay and small portions of grower pellets twice daily.  i expect her to be a great candidate for a mini pastured beef herd as her dam gets fat on grass.

Flossie is also a candidate for a fine, small family cow.  Her dam lines up with my Jerseys to be milked and produces a respectable amount of rich milk for a dual purpose, giving 2-4 gallons a day on calf depending on point of lactation.  In their mother country, highlands are kept as dual purpose family cows and used for milk and meat.  The addition  of mini Jersey genetics through her FP sire ensures her ability to provide milk for the table.

Flossie is not a pet, but can be made one with proper handling and training.  Her dam, though stubborn at times, is a big teddy bear and came to us pasture wild.
$1100 . Reasonable offers always considered when the proper home environment will be provided.

available now

Little T

Little T is a small mini.  She is dual purpose. 

See our articles on the dual purpose cow:

Her dam is standard black baldie ( Hereford over Angus ) and her sire was our foundation pure miniature former herd sire, Knucklehead.  Despite her standard influences via the dam, she has continued to be one of the smallest minis on the farm.

.Little T is about 35 inches at the hip at 17 months.  DOB 3/12/18.

Little T is an excellent candidate for a dual purpose family cow.  Her sire carries rich genetics in high volume dairy lines.  Her dam is a sturdy beef girl and lends the possibility of well muscled beef steers in the her future calves. 

Little T is calm and friendly but not a pet.  She could easily transition to one with the right attention and training.

  I recommend her for either a lowline beef herd or small family dairy girl. She carries excellent production genetics through her miniature Jersey sire and should be well suited to produce ample, rich milk for the family table.

She is currently exposed to our miniature Jersey bull, Rascal. Breeding is not confirmed, but suspected. 

Little T Is unrelated to the bull calves being offered on this page and could be purchased with a rising herd sire as a pair for a reduced price .

Little T is 1250 as exposed heifer and 1500 vet confirmed pregnancy. Reasonable offers always considered when the proper home environment will be provided.

available now

Little John : mini Jersey bull

Little John is superb ! Out of Tiny Tia and Ace, his conformation is perfect. He has the wrinkly face, short legs and well muscled features that are so desirable in a mini Jersey bull. He is 100% Jersey, no beef influences in his genetics.

DOB 4/25/19

Little John is expected to finish at mid mini size and will likely be able to service minis and small stature standards.

He is registerable with AMJAR and I am offering him with an unregistered and a registered price.

$950 unregistered

$1150 registered

Reasonable offers always considered when the proper home environment will be provided.

Ubi: Mini Jersey bull calf

Available at weaning 12/2019

Ubi is a small mini jersey bull calf out of Matilda Jane and Ace.

DOB 7/19/19

Registerable with AmjaR and offered with option.

Ubi carries excellent mini genetics and hails from heavy production on lines from both parents. His sire is an FP pure miniature and his dam is 75% mini Jersey 25% standard Jersey. The addition of the percentage standard adds to the production and thrift/maintenance ability of the bull and his offspring.

His dam and sire both do well on pasture and hay so he is a prime candidate for grass fed herds.

$950 unregistered $1100 registered.

Reasonable offers always considered when an ideal home environment will be provided.

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