Available Livestock listed below

Persons interested in any of our available bovines should call the number provided below. I do not have in depth discussion through email / text and I do not agree to a sale without a conversation.

We do not advise about bovines we have no history or knowledge of.

I do not have the time to offer advise on setting up a farm or cow keeping principles over the phone or in messages. we offer farm tours with Q&A for a fee and with appointment.

We are ALWAYS available to established clients regarding cows purchased from our farm or for which a deposit/sales agreement has been made.

Tammy Marr 843 814 1101

*Please note that all pricing is related to local sales within the state lines of South Carolina. Interstate travel requires health certificate and testing per your state requirements and is an additional fee of $225

** Pregnancies can be confirmed on eligible cows with payment for vet call / exam up front by interested party. These funds are non-refundable regardless of results. The exposed cows are being offered at a fair price for being ‘ open’ with the possibility of being bred.

***All photos of available livestock are current.

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Tia & Deuce : Cow/ calf pair

2250 Pair

( 1800 for the cow / 450 for the accompanying calf )

Tia is a recently freshened , well-trained Jersey cow offered as a cow/calf pair with her bull calf Deuce.

Tia’s DOB is 11/16/15

She is out of 62.5% Mini Jersey x 37.5 % standard Jersey.

She measures at upper mid mini size of 46 inches and approximately 550 lbs. * Novices please note that this is NOT a small miniature. She is the upper end of a mid mini.

She was registered through AMJAR and bears a ‘ certificate of birth’ but I never sent in for her permanent registration as it is no longer our focus to offer registered stock.

Tia’s genetic composition includes : Pint sized, Riverview, Idlebrink and Aspen Grove lines.

Tia is a moderate producer of rich Jersey milk while free-nursing her calf.

She has never had MF nor is she prone to mastitis. She has a full, supple udder with teats that are sufficient for hand milking. Trained to milk by hand or machine.

Tia maintains condition well on graze/hay with a little grain in the stanchion.

She produces very small calves when bred to a well selected mini bull. Little John and Story are two of her offspring and remain the smallest of bovines born here at 3 and 4 years old respectively. You can find their photos on our ‘meet the cows and herd sires pages’.

PHOTOS taken week of 9/11/ 21

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Lily & Opal : Charolais first freshener and DP heifer calf

$1200 pair

Lily has a calm demeanor and is agreeable to leading and direction. She is housed on multi acre pasture, maintains well on grass and hay and is in excellent body condition.

‘Opal is her first calf. A DP ( dual-purpose) calf sired by a mini Jersey. We keep two such cows here as milk cows and have been well pleased with their milk production and quality and their hybrid vigor and ability to maintain body condition on planted pastures.

May be an image of animal and grass

Big Mama & Little Bit

Lowline Angus Dam , 3 years old, with her 6 month old heifer calf available as a cow/calf pair. Calf out of Yon Angus sire . calm demeanor. Dam can be led and handled with ease. Message or call with interest and for more information.

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‘ Joy ‘ [Standing}

‘ Joy ‘ is a painted Jersey heifer calf, reserved as a cow/calf pair with Amore’ she was not taken with her dam due to unexpected fencing issues in the heifer pasture at the new owner’s farm. She is available now as a weaned heifer. She is receptive to touch, but not what I would call a ‘pet’, though she would make a fine one for someone with time to put in with her.

Dam raised, weaned at 4 months due to her size and her dam’s inability to keep up production and maintain her condition in our near 100 degree temps and high humidity . She is doing great on hay, graze and graining twice daily.

Her dam is a small stature standard, moderate producer and her sire is a mid mini painted Jersey . She will not be mini. She is expected to be a smaller stature standard like her dam, perhaps a tad smaller.

Joy was dehorned by our veterinarian.

Message with interest and for more information.

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JuJu : Mini Jersey X Highland Cross

Message with interest

out of state sales requiring vet health certificate for travel is an additional $225.

JuJu is out of Izzy : ( miniature highland x dexter / Miniature Hereford ) and is sired by Rascal, registered FP mini Jersey bull.

DOB: 3/8/2020


She has maintained the expected growth and development for mini status. I expect her to finish out beefy and short like her dam, who can be seen on our ‘ Meet the cows’ page. She should be around 42″ at maturity based on current growth rate and parentage.

JuJu is a sweet tempered and calm girl who does well on hay and nutritious pasture.

No horns.

She is not shy with humans but is not a ‘pet’. Her temperament is such that she could easily be made a pet with proper time and attention.

Mina : Highland x Mini Jersey

Message with interest as a bred heifer.

out of state sales requiring vet health certificate for travel is an additional $225.

Mina was born March of 2020. Dam is Freyja , sire is Rascal. Both available on the ‘ meet the cows’ page.

Vet Dehorned.

Mina will likely finish out at maturity around 45-47″ although she may be smaller.

She was dehorned by a veterinarian at 3 weeks.

Her dam, Freyja, being a DP is a high production dairy girl whom I milk. I expect that with the addition of good production lines through her Mini Jersey sire, Mina has the potential to be a fine family cow for milking.

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Ivy. Standard Jersey cow. 2nd freshener.

Emma: Jersey heifer calf DOB 9/8/21

available as a cow/calf pair

Message with interest.

Standard Jersey cow second calving 9/8 fired by double registered painted mini Jersey bull.

Ivy is polled.

Trained to stanchion for hand or machine milking and responsive to direction but not the right temperament for a novice. Requires an experienced hand. Excellent dam. Protective mother. Moderate producer.
Local sales only at this price. Out of state sales requiring travel health certificate incurs additional charge of $225.

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~SOLD !~ Thank you , Jennifer of W Va. !

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Story : VERY small Mini Jersey x Mini Hereford

Heavy bred: Local sales only until post calving

Message or call with interest.

Story is a four year old small miniature DP ( dual-purpose ) cow.

Her dam is a mini Jersey and her sire is a mini Hereford.

Story is a calm, quiet, easy-keeper.

Her first calf was a ‘beefy’ bull. She is bred for a second calf to a painted miniature Jersey bull.

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