Small Family Cows for sale : Our focus is the mini X standard hybrid for the smaller, thriftier family cow: Jerseys & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows

Note of importance: we do keep miniature cattle: Jerseys, Herefords and DP ( Dual -purpose beef/dairy crosses) but rarely offer them to the public.

If you are seeking a tiny miniature Jersey or Hereford, you should likely look elsewhere.

We have a wait list of up to three years for a mini / mid mini Jersey heifer / cow and it is not our primary focus.

Our primary focus is to offer a ‘ downsized ‘ mini over standard family cow and a thriftier producer for the family.

Easy Keepers. Good production. Less costs to buy and keep. That is our primary goal for our buyer.

  Delivery within reasonable distances possible for a fee to cover time and expenses.

Please feel free to call or text for further info or to discuss terms. 843 814 1101

Persons interested in any of our available bovines should call the number provided below. I do not have in depth discussion through email and I do not agree to a sale without a conversation.

Tammy Marr 843 814 1101

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