Family Cows for sale : Our focus is the Standard X mini hybrid for the *smaller*, thriftier family cow: Jerseys & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows

Note of importance: we do keep miniature cattle: Jerseys, Herefords and DP ( Dual -purpose beef/dairy crosses) but do not seek to offer them to the public.

Our primary focus is to offer a ‘ downsized ‘ mini over standard family cow and a thriftier producer for the family.

Easy Keepers. Good production. Less costs to buy and keep. That is our primary goal for our buyer.

If you are seeking a true miniature Jersey or Hereford, you should look elsewhere.

I’ve done the math: 68.75% of our true miniature bovines have Standard genes in them within 4 generations. I find this to be true of most miniature cattle breeders in documentation of registries, aside from those carrying only FP ( foundation pure ) lines in their stock. Meaning–those miniature measure bovines can throw standard calves for several generations or have a growth spurt such as I have explained several times on this site at maturity around 2 -2.5 years that throws them over the standard measurements.

‘Mini’ is a measurement, not a breed. A miniature measure cow can deliver a standard at maturity calf and vice versa.

  Delivery within reasonable distances possible for a fee to cover time and expenses.

Please feel free to call or text for further info or to discuss terms. 843 814 1101

Persons interested in any of our available bovines should call the number provided below. I do not have in depth discussion through email / text and I do not agree to a sale without a conversation.

Tammy Marr 843 814 1101

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Sunny: Jersey heifer calf

Available Now as a weaned heifer.

$650 OBRO

Although her sire is FP mini and her dam is 75% mini, Sunny was born average size and has grown average for a small standard Jersey. She will NOT likely be mini. At best , I expect that she will be the size of her dam which is 48″ or small stature standard.

She does carry strong miniature genetics and may produce very small calves which mature miniature sized when bred to a mini bull. One of my largest standard Jersey cows throws very small calves when bred mini and some of her calves reside on well respected mini farms.

Many registries and clubs recognize minis up to 48″ but we do not as this is not a ‘ small’ bovine.

Mini is a measurement, not a breed. Miniature status cows can deliver standard sized calves and vice versa.

DOB: 1/28/2021

Free-nurse dam raised.

She is not yet a pet but is comfortable around humans and respectful well trained dogs.

Sunny is active and comical. She is very curious and full of energy. Always good for a laugh.

Offered unregistered due to status of height at birth and current growth patterns.

I will not register the calf with AMJAR as she is not eligible under my own parameters for my herd plan due to birth weight and current height.


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