Family Cows for sale : Our focus is the Standard X mini hybrid for the *smaller*, thriftier family cow: Jerseys & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows

Note of importance: we do keep miniature cattle: Jerseys, Herefords and DP ( Dual -purpose beef/dairy crosses) but do not specialize in them.

Our primary focus is to offer a ‘ downsized ‘ mini over standard family cow and a thriftier producer for the family.

Easy Keepers. Good production. Less costs to buy and keep. That is our primary goal for our buyer.

‘Mini’ is a measurement, not a breed. A miniature measure cow can deliver a standard at maturity calf and vice versa.

  Delivery within reasonable distances possible for a fee to cover time and expenses.

Please feel free to call or text for further info or to discuss terms. 843 814 1101

Persons interested in any of our available bovines should call the number provided below. I do not have in depth discussion through email / text and I do not agree to a sale without a conversation.

Tammy Marr 843 814 1101

*Please note that all pricing is related to local sales within the state lines of South Carolina. Interstate travel requires health certificate and testing per your state requirements and is an additional fee of between $225 and $350 depending on your state.

** Pregnancies can be confirmed on eligible cows with payment for vet call up front by interested party. These funds are non-refundable regardless of results. The exposed cows are being offered at a fair price for being ‘ open’ with the possibility of being bred.

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Sunny: Jersey heifer calf

~Sold! Thank you, Emily in Upstate SC~

Elsa : Miniature Hereford Cow ( Dual-Registered )


TSM Mountain Elsa

Dual-registered with American Hereford Record & Amjar as shown in photos.

DOB: 2/26/15

Has calved twice

Exposed to mini Jersey bull –breeding not confirmed. Offered as ‘ open’ with a strong possibility of early bred.

Elsa has ‘scurs’ from bad dehorning at prior farm. They have been ‘ tipped’ by vet to blunt.

Elsa is calm, responsive to direction, easy-going with calf handling, a terrific mother and does well in a mixed herd ( standard & minis )

She is NOT a ‘pet’ but can be handled for necessaries and is not shy of people.

Both registrations provided in photos.

Call with interest or to seek more information. I rarely have time to check and respond to email inquiries. 843 814 1101 Tammy

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Holly: Guernsey X Mini Jersey heifer

~SOLD ! Thank you, Emily in upstate SC~

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Ivy: Standard Jersey Cow


Ivy is a standard Jersey cow.

She is nearing three years old.

She successfully calved and reared a calf last season.

dehorned by vet at 4 weeks of age.

She is exposed to a mini Jersey bull but pregnancy has not been confirmed. She is being offered as ‘ open’ with a possibility of being bred.

She was trained to the stanchion for her first lactation but is not perfect in the stanchion. She shuffles and is known to give random kicks when machine is used. She does better and is tolerant of hand milking vs machine.

Ivy is a gentle natured cow , friendly, but not a ‘pet’, responds well to direction and does well in a mixed herd ( minis and standards).

She maintains weight very well on pasture/ hay with a bit of grain in stanchion during lactation.

Again, Ivy is better to hand milk and causes little disruption if machine is not employed, but she is not a perfect milk cow and should not be considered as a family cow by an inexperienced handler.

I do not recommend ‘ free milking’ Ivy. She will require an actual head gate stanchion.

She is a moderate producer at about 2.5 gallons per day on a twice daily schedule of milking times and while nursing her calf.

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Heidi : Registered Brown Swiss Cow


Heidi { Call Name} is a dual-registered Brown Swiss cow out of show stock in upper NY state. She is registered with the Brown Swiss Association, as well as with AMJAR as breeding stock for mini cross. Papers convey and are posted below.

Heidi calved last year and was a great mother to her calf. She is partially trained to the stanchion as the Swiss does not produce much milk for the table the first lactation and she was only milked for a couple of months due to that. Swiss typically produce only enough for the calf after the first calving, then develop the larger udder upon second calving.

Heidi is exposed to a painted registered miniature jersey bull. Pregnancy has not been confirmed. She is offered as ‘ open’ with a possibility of being bred.

Heidi is a mild and timid cow in the herd. She is comfortable with people and can be directed, but is not a ‘pet’.


Little T : Lowline Angus X Mini Jersey miniature cow


Little T is a lowline angus X Miniature Jersey cow.

She is nearing three years old.

She has been exposed to a painted mini Jersey bull and although pregnancy has not been vet confirmed, she shows sign of being heavy bred.

Little T is 40″ at the hip–measured 5/31/21

She is short but with ‘beefy ‘ build.


Although Little T is a DP cow, I do not recommend her as a dairy cow as she does not have the temperament. She is all beef in brain. Attempting to train her to the stanchion at her first lactation last year resulted in her severely injuring my hand without warning upon her fifth time in the stanchion with no issues. This was a deliberate, violent and well thought out attack on her part. She is the only cow I have ever given up on training.

That being said, Little T is a perfect beef type mini. She is small but stout and throws small, thrifty, well muscled calves. She is an excellent mother and is tolerant of humans aside from the udder. She is not aggressive in the herd to other bovines of humans. She maintains weight well on hay and nutritious pastures.

SHE MUST BE BRED TO MINI BULLS. Her hip structure and pelvic basin are not conducive to carrying and successfully delivering a standard calf.

Story: Miniature Jersey X Miniature Hereford

Small Miniature DP Cow


Story is a very small DP mini Jersey X Mini Hereford. Both her sire and dam are registered stock.

She is 37.75 inches tall as of 5/31/21 and is mature, having calved last year for the first time.

Story is three years old.


She has been exposed to a painted miniature Jersey registered bull and although pregnancy has not been confirmed, she shows evidence of mid term breeding.

Story is very mild tempered, but holds her own in a mixed herd of standard and dairy cows, both mini and standard.

She is an excellent mother and not a heavy producer of milk so has not been trained to the stanchion, but if one prefers to milk her for the family table she might certainly be trained.

The last photo shows Story next to a small stature standard cow of 47″

Posie: Lowline Angus x Jersey yearling heifer


Posie is a Jersey X Lowline Angus yearling heifer.

She is very sweet and mild but not an attention seeking ‘ pet’.

She does well with all other bovines and has no aggression or bullying issues.

Dehorned by veterinarian at 3 weeks.

Posie has the potential for being a great family cow with her dairy dam and mild temperament. She hails from a high production dairy farm run by a friend of ours and was raised on bottle by us with fresh Jersey milk.

Her DOB is 3/1/20.

Due to the influence of her miniature sire and her growth thus far, I do not expect her to be either super large or super small. She will likely finish at around 47-49″

JuJu : Mini Jersey X Highland /Dexter Cross


JuJu is out of Izzy : ( miniature highland x dexter / Miniature Hereford )

She has maintained the expected growth and development for mini status. I expect her to finish out beefy and short like her dam, who can be seen on our ‘ Meet the cows’ page. She should be around 42″ at maturity based on current growth rate and parentage.

JuJu is a sweet tempered and calm girl who does well on hay and nutritious pasture.

No horns.

She is not shy with humans but is not a ‘pet’. Her temperament is such that she could easily be made a pet with proper time and attention.

Mina : Miniature Highland x dexter / Mini Jersey


Mina was born March of 2020. Dam is Freyja , sire is Rascal. Both available on the ‘ meet the cows’ page.

Mina will likely finish out at maturity around 45-47″ although she may be smaller.

She was dehorned by a veterinarian at 3 weeks.

Her dam, Freyja, being a DP is a high production dairy girl whom I milk. I expect that with the addition of good production lines through her Mini Jersey sire, Mina has the potential to be a fine family cow for milking.

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Lulabelle : standard Hereford Cow


Lulabelle. Standard Hereford cow out of Virginia lines.

5 years old.

Calved twice. Excellent mother.

Can be handled. Easy-going girl.


No problem cow !

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