About Us & Meet the Cows

Between March and August, we are expecting 20 calves: mini Jersey, Percentage Mini Jersey, Hybrid dairy crosses and dual purpose.
If you aren’t on our call list and have been looking with interest at our available and upcoming calves, now would be a good time to message with interest and desired traits. We do not charge a deposit or fee to notify you of a suitable calf
When we notice a calf fitting your criteria, you will have first option if you have expressed interest.
Also noteworthy that we charge significantly less for a calf if a party on our call list secures a suitable calf with deposit after it’s birth and we know it’s sold at weaning.


         Welcome  !

We occupy two different pieces of land in Dorchester, SC for the purpose of raising and offering small family cows: Miniature Jersey, Percentage Miniature Jersey and deliberately , thoughtfully bred Miniature dual-purpose ( Beef / Dairy crosses).

Our primary goal is the global health and well being of our herds.  We believe in meeting the psychological as well as physical needs of our bovines and raise them in humane environment that considers the mental as well as physical requirements for a contented herd.

We believe with conviction that the ability to engage in natural behaviors is crucial to the holistic health of the cow. We do not separate calves from the mother unless absolutely necessary for the health of the dam or calf.  All of our calves are dam raised for at least 5 months , sometimes a longer nursing period is required with the minis until we feel the calf is strong enough to wean.

We do not purchase livestock  from auctions or sales barns. Our sources for incoming livestock are well known and well respected.  We learned the hard way early on that buying from an unknown source is risky and that even farmers can be dishonest in surprising ways.  All of our incoming stock is tested and veterinary checked.   We do not do our own vetting; all exams , treatments, testing, castrations and dehornings  and general health checks are done by a licensed farm vet.

We do not place bovines in situations where their needs will not be met in the manner to which they are accustomed here at this farm.  We are looking for homes and families that appreciate our girls and boys for their true selves and where their true natures will be encouraged and valued.  If a proper home is provided for the right family cow, everyone is happy–buyer, cow and seller.

Please note that we do not seek to  accommodate ‘ fads’ in the bovine world.  We aim to offer a small family cow at a fair market price.  We aren’t specializing in any niche or current trend, ie..A2, so-called micro minis, etc.  We offer healthy, thrifty, mentally sound bovines, raised with love and respect.  If you are seeking more than a fine family cow at a reasonable price, you should look elsewhere.

         Meet the Breeding Girls 


          50% miniature Jersey /50% Standard Jersey

We are heartbroken to state that Beulah was lost to worst case scenario Milk Fever despite early stage and aggressive veterinary intervention on 10/7/2019, 7 days post-calving and 6 days into her battle with the affliction.

We take solace in the fact that two of her heifer calves remain here: Autumn, who has calved her own and Saucy, Beulah’s latest calf.                                                                                   





                    Bibs aka ‘ My Heart ‘

Bred for Spring 2020 calving

                    75% mini Jersey/25% Standard


                    Tia aka Tiny Tia

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                Small Miniature Jersey




Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                Small stature standard Jersey Cow


Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                        Standard Jersey Cow

         Mrs Butterworth aka Butters

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

         50% Miniature Jersey/50% standard Jersey


                Lucky aka Maggie

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                 Miniature Jersey



Bred for Summer 2020 calving

50% Mini Jersey/50% Standard Jersey




Bred for Summer 2020 calving

             Miniature Scottish Highland X Dexter


                     Izabella aka Izzy Boo

Bred for Spring 2020 calving

              Miniature Highland/Dexter X Hereford



Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                          Standard Hereford Cow



Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                     Small Miniature Hereford cow



Bred for Summer 2020 calving

                                        Brown Swiss Cow


Matilda Jane: Mid Mini Jersey

Currently nursing a calf and open.

First Breeding Heifers:

Story : Very small mini Jersey X mini Hereford

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

Little T: Standard black baldie ( Angus/hereford and mini Jersey)

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

Valentine: Lowline Red Angus x Jersey

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

Amore’ Percentage mini painted Jersey

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

Buon Natale’ Percentage mini painted Jersey

Bred for Summer 2020 calving

Heidi : Brown Swiss Cow

Bred for Summer 2020 calving