Petite Bantam Silkie Chicken Fertile Hatching Eggs * Tested fertility * NPIP / AI Clean Licensed Variety of Colors Bearded and Smooth

***Please Note : due to our state’s requirements for online submission for approval from the NPIP program and release of NPIP/AI clean testing paperwork which accompanies ALL egg orders, IT CAN TAKE UP TO 5 business days to ship an order. DO NOT worry ! All of your eggs will be laid fresh within 24 hours of shipping. We have 27 hens and five roosters in this coop/run. Photos are representative of our own flock–not all of our birds are pictured.

(6) Fertile petite bantam Silkie Chicken hatching eggs .

Ships to Continental US only !


Fertility tested in simple common home use incubator every 30 days.

Bearded and non-bearded petite bantam Silkies .

Our girls and boys are small and delicate with excellent, friendly demeanors. They are fed on a high protein clean diet with daily fresh veggies for superior health and thrift and pens are kept meticulously every day.
We are NPIP licensed , located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and AI / Pullorum tested clean for shipping to all of the contiguous states.
Our state program requires that we submit intention to ship and receive approval prior to shipping due to new import laws varying by state, so please understand if shipping is not immediate.
Colors in this pen include: partridge, blue, self blue, black, white, silver shaded, buff, paint, splash, red
You will receive eggs from multiple colorations.

Eggs are packaged lovingly and carefully and are marked all over the box to indicate their fragile nature.

****When you receive your shipment, immediately remove eggs from box and let sit in an upright ( small side down) position overnight before placing in incubator to allow for settling and room temperature to be achieved.
***Bantam Silkie eggs are NOT tiny. People are often shocked to see what a largish egg this tiny bird lays ! Expect small to medium size average looking eggs. Silkies lay the largest egg compared to body size of any chicken.

(6) Silkie hatching eggs

(6) fertile Silkie bantam hatching eggs with free priority shipping to continental U.S.


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