Random thoughts and photos

Illustration of Jersey sizes : Standard , 50% Mini and mid miniature.

(L) Standard Jersey Ivy, (C) 50% miniature Jersey Matilda Jane, (R) Mid mini Lucky.

September 12, 2019

Iris aka Large Marge , is one of our two Brown Swiss cows.

September 11, 2019

♬♪♭♪♩♫♬♪♭♪♩ One little, Two Little , Three little heifers ø four little heifer girls…. ♬♪♭♪♩♫♬♪♭♪♩

September 10 , 2019

Early morning and late afternoon are my favorite time of day. I always seem to get so much more done in those hours than any between.

The stillness of both inspires me to appreciate the day as well. The dimness of the light at sunrise and twilight are easy on the eyes and seem to send the message that everything is calm and everything is right to seize the day or release it respectively.

Waking before the rest of the world always makes me feel more prepared to have a productive day. Those moments that it is just me and the cows and dogs, set my spirit and mind up for the day to come, allowing me the gift of quiet to order my thoughts and plans or to just enjoy the lone communion with the farm and it’s early rising inhabitants.


50% miniature painted Jersey heifer Natale’ aka ‘ 574’.
A farm favorite. My husband’s absolute favorite !
She is bred to Herd sire miniature Jersey Rascal for a Summer 2020 calf.
Natale’ thinks she is a true pet and will pester any human in the pasture for head scratches and hugs. She is not, nor will she ever be available, but her calf will be and should be a stunner of a small family cow.

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