A new addition


Lucky was a dramatic first time mom in every sense of the word.

Her late stage pregnancy was an endless worry of her acting as though she was suffering a whole lot more than she was.  She would feign weakness, refuse to eat, squat while walking, stand exaggeratedly bow-legged, roll around on the ground like she was having seizures, etc…

Last evening, it was finally revealed to her the cause of all her hardships and she is one happy mama Jersey.

We welcome ‘ SpiritGrove’s  Magnolia Blossom ‘, out of T Cupp’s Magnolia ( Lucky ) and T Cupp’s Prince Albert ( Knucklehead).  At weaning in Spring, ‘ Maggie’ will be returning to her roots and her grandmother , T Cupp’s Princess, as she was claimed by Maple Lawn Farm of Virginia before her birth, if a heifer.

Love this anxiously awaited little girl, even if she is not ‘ mine’.




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