Mad Mama Cow


In the interest of not reinventing the wheel here, I’m sharing a post from my FB Farm page:



Jody and I were moving calves at the beef land to load. Little Toni and Daisy, walking in front of us toward the loading pen.
The mama cows behind us in the fields as we quietly walked the calves forward:
Jody, looking over his shoulder: ” What’s going on with that cow?”
About the time he finished his question with me walking ahead of him, I heard the distinct sound of heavy hooves hitting fast and hard in my direction. I knew — and my blood went cold. Somehow, I mustered enough presence in my terror to whirl around and scream as deeply as I ever have with my hands up ” NO !!! DALI , WOAH !!! ”
For some reason, she skidded to a stop less than 6 ft from me. I still can’t believe she stopped. In that moment, I thought, ‘ I’m dead where I stand. She’s going to hit me full force and batter me to death right here and there’s nothing Jody can do.’
Dali and I have a relationship of mutual distrust. She doesn’t like me at all, once head butting me in the kidneys for no reason and with no calf. I’m calling what happened an act of God. Seriously. I cannot imagine any other reason she would have stopped from an all out barrel at me with her head down and her heels kicking except a divine intervention on my behalf. She’s not intimidated by me in the slightest. Never was.
I don’t scare easily. It takes a lot. I’m telling y’all , my heart raced and pounded in my chest for at least 10 minutes. I told Al I cannot remember the last time I was that scared.
Afterward, Jody said he thought she was doing her happy dance while running. I told him Dali has no happy dance, that was her ‘ Mess with my calf and die ‘ dance.
#grateful #MadMamaCow #StandYourGroundEvenIfYouShake



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