Help Wanted:

Wanted for hire : Domestic Aid / Laundress.
Must be tolerant of and efficient with removal of animal hair of all types, including human from furnishings, light fixtures, window dressings, etc…
Must do windows ! And not be concerned with, or gastro-intestinally moved by the scrubbing off of noxious large animal smearings or glue-like cow/sheep/llama/dog/toddler slobber and/or unidentifiable smudges.
Must be patient with animals under foot, picking your pockets, pulling at your clothing, goosing you and blocking your path as you work.
Must not be put off by boot leavings on floors or farm smells wafting through the air and/or permeating materials  and furnishings.
Must be talented at removing stains that were heretofore unknown and not imagined.
Must abide by my routines and systems, understanding and accepting that they make sense to no one but me.

All applicants should understand that while performing your duties I will follow you around to make sure you are doing things correctly and will likely re-do things in your presence, often taking implements out of your hands to accomplish this as you are in the process if I happen  to walk by.

Persons with delicate constitutions or sensitive personalities need not apply.